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Partner with nCounters

Partner with us to develop wireless sensors that provide accurate data for recording and displaying in real time.


Services: ADXL345 nCounters Engineering Services

We can record and display for you all types of data, from load cells and intelligent mems sensors such as accelerometers, pressure sensors, gyroscopes and send this information via Bluetooth or ZigBee to the cloud or a purposely designed control unit or Personal Computer.


By partnering with nCounters, you will have access to our over 15 years’ experience in these areas.

We can create your schematics and design the board layout all in the latest version of Altium Designer.

Services: Schematics board Layout

Creating a Bill of Materials, using Altium’s latest “part search”, function means you the client are paying the lowest price for each manufacturer’s part number in the design.

Services: Creating Bills of Materials Altium Part Search

Your board will be displayed in 3D and 2D using 3D library components. The output from your 3D board can be used to create an enclosure in solid works.

We can assemble your PCB and program

From there we can assemble your PCB and program any PIC 32-bit microcontroller to log, TFT colour display and/or send wirelessly all types of sensor data.

Heel_Fore Sensor Data

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– Peter Barrett