The nCounters Portable Angle Monitor gives Immediate audio and visual biofeedback.


Designed and Made in Australia

Portable Angle Monitor

It talks to your Portable Limb Load Monitor control unit

The Portable Angle Monitor (PAM) is unique:  it attaches to a patient’s foot / shoe with a single strap.

Text by Peter Barrett.  Music by bensound

A Randomized Controlled Trial Assessing the Evolution of the Weight-Bearing Ankle Dorsiflexion Range of Motion Over 6 Sessions of Talus Mobilizations in Older Adults

David Hernández-Guillén, José-María Blasco

Physical Therapy, pzaa003,

Published: 16 January 2020

Setting up the Portable Foot Angle Monitor is Easy

With one press on the screen of the control unit for the Portable Limb Load Monitor, the user sets the angle at which the patient gets feedback.

Just like it is when measuring load, a live data screen tells the user the degree to which they exceeded the threshold. A rep counter tells the number of times they have reached that threshold.

The user must go back at least 10° below the threshold before the rep counter counts when the threshold is exceeded.

Just like the load transmitter, it is wireless, totally portable and gives the user reliable and immediate audio-visual feedback.

You get much more from your PLLM_Touch unit when you purchase the Portable Angle Monitor.

Feedback and live data during rehabilitation are not just available for force, but now ankle joint angle too.

Portable Foot Angle Monitor for PLLM Touch biofeedback unit
Portable Foot Angle Monitor for PLLM Touch biofeedback unit
Portable Angle Monitor Sensor for foot; use with PLLM Touch biofeedback unit

"Our products are the next generation in gait and movement feedback"

– Peter Barrett

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