The nCounters Essential Angle Sensor gives immediate audio and visual feedback on knee, hip and elbow joint movement.


Designed and Made in Australia

Essential Angle Sensor

How it Works

Immediate audio and visual biofeedback on joint movement motivates patients to reach treatment goals faster.

Angle Sensor unit on Hip for Biofeedback
Figure 7 Hip Angle Sensor for biofeedback
Knee Joint Angle Biofeedback Sensor

Joint Angle FeedbackJoint Angle Control Unit

This portable device is easy to set up, simple and efficient to use daily during rehabilitation.

The Angle Sensor can facilitate functional training and improved joint control in various positions.

Elbow joint angle feedback

The Angle Sensor maybe used to provide feedback on elbow extension (such as for reaching) and flexion.

Hip and knee joint angle feedback

The Angle Sensor can be used to provide feedback on appropriate knee or hip flexion or extension.

The Essential Angle Sensor can provide immediate feedback on knee hyperextension, another common problem encountered post acquired brain injury or orthopaedic surgery.

Easy to set up

The Angle Sensor is placed over the joint being trained and aligned with standard bony prominences. The metal stays are placed either side of the joint and secured in position by using coloured Velcro straps. The Angle Sensor is connected by a cable to a simple Control Unit. A belt clip attaches the Control Unit to the patient.


When the patient’s joint angle is between the upper and lower limit values as set on the dials at the side of the control unit, the patient will hear no sound. If the joint angle is outside these two limits then the patient will receive audio feedback via a speaker or headphone. The sound changes and increases in pitch the further away the patient gets from the target range.

Real time feedback is also provided by 10 coloured LED display.


More videos available on our Shop page and this device is now available for $149.00 plus delivery.

Recording and graphing data

DATAQ hardware and software will accept and record data from the nCounters Essential Angle Sensor.

See below for further information.


DATAQ hardware aDATAQ Biofeedback Unitnd software have been pre-configured to accept, record and save data from the nCounters Essential Angle Sensor.

 The DATAQ will display the data in real time so that the therapist and patient can monitor seated weight shift. The data will provide actionable information to optimize or improve clinical and research outcomes

"Our products are the next generation in gait and movement feedback"

– Peter Barrett

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