FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Using the PLLM_Touch Biofeedback Device

What is best way of positioning the two sensor pads so most of the weight when walking is taken through these pads?

Sensor pad placement

To obtain accurate results and maintain comfort we recommend that the patient wears shoes with an insole that can be easily removed such as runners / sneakers.

1.  Choose an nCounters’ insole that fits easily into the patient’s shoe. If there is already an insole in the patient’s shoe it is a good idea to remove it.


2.  Place the insole under patient foot with attached VelcroTM exposed. The sensor pads can be moved along the insoles to ensure the correct position. Securely attach the sensor pads as described below:

  • For forefoot sensor pad place ‘X‘ under ball of foot. and then attach the pad via the VelcroTM to the insole. Push pad up against patients forefoot to just check they too feel it is in correct position.
  • For heel sensor pad place ‘X‘ directly under the patient’s heel and then attach the pad via the VelcroTM to the insole. Push pad up against patients heel to just check they too feel it is in correct position.

While the insole is on patient’s foot’ place foot and insole on the floor and ask the patient to transfer weight from heel to ball of foot in a rocking motion for approximately 10 seconds. This is to condition the sensors.

Can I just have the heel sensor inserted into the Load (Tx) Transmit node.

Yes you can have just the heel sensor or just the forefoot sensor inserted. It does not matter which. This can be useful if you are saying encouraging your patient to just take weight through their heel.

Do the foot pads have a life span and does the unit require calibration?

We recommend that the foot pads be replaced after 50 hours of use and your device re-calibrated for more accurate feedback. Later models will tell you on the “Goodbye” screen the number of hours in total your monitor has been used for and when your 50 hours is up. A message then appears “CALIBRATION REQUIRED”. 


How do I alter the volume for the headphones on PLLM_Touch?

The headphones are set by default at a volume that should suit most users. However, to alter it you must uncheck the speaker radio button then press “VOL”. This now means the speaker is turned off. By doing this you will be adjusting the volume of the headphones without interference from the speaker. Once you are happy with the new volume for the headphones press “OK”, check again the speaker radio button, if you want to also hear the speaker.

For further information on how to use volume control for the PLLM_Touch see video four in our tutorial section of the nCounters website. https://ncountersonline.com/how-to-use-the-pllm_touch-device-video-tutorials

The Control Unit on PLLM_Touch is displaying no data on live data screen. What do I do?

Whatever node you are using to send data to the control unit just turn it of and on again.

Do you have videos on how to use the PLLM_Touch?

For further information on how to use the volume control for the PLLM touch see video four in our tutorial section of the ncounters website. https://ncountersonline.com/how-to-use-the-pllm_touch-device-video-tutorials

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