Why nCounters Engineering co-engineers with Digi Wireless Technology

Everyone knows how useful short-range wireless is today.

Whether it’s when we tap and go to pay for a purchase with our credit card (near field communicator NFC) , or listening to music via our Bluetooth headsets, short-range wireless communication is used on a day-to-day basis.

XBee RF modules by Digi are used in all the accessories associated with delivering wirelessly, force and angle data from the sensor nodes to the PLLM_Touch control unit.

The reasons we use Digi Technology are simple

nCounters co-engineers with Digi XBee in PLLM touch unit

Co-engineered with Digi XBee Technology

1. Pre-certified

Each module comes pre-certified with an EU declaration of conformity. Which means it has passed all the essential requirements for health and safety and electromagnetic capability (EMC).

2. Encrypted

The sensor modules  transmit encrypted force and angle data processed by an algorithm from the microcontroller via XBee Module at rates up to 250 kbps over a range of 30 to 100 m, depending on the version (1 mW or 10 mW), this means the control unit does not have to be worn by the patient for self-monitoring, but the therapist has the option of monitoring a patient’s gait, in an office separate to the patient. With two control units it is possible for the patient to self-monitor and receive feedback as well as the therapist, again in a location separate from the patient.

3. Only Valid Data

If the control unit is taken too far away from the wireless sensor, then the words “out of range”, will appear on the screen until the two XBees are back communicating. Only valid data is sent between the two XBees.

4. Safer for Patients

The XBee modules make the PLLM_Touch safer for the patient as it replaces a cable that would normally run from the sensor pads in the foot to the control unit that could cause a patient to trip.

5. Low Cost

XBee short-range wireless modules, are low-cost, use very little power, are small and environmentally friendly.


Just arrived is the all-new XBee3.  Hugely flexible with multiple protocols, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE). Force and angle data from all your nCounters devices, can now be sent to your mobile phone.

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Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett


Peter designs and builds biofeedback products for gait and movement in the orthopaedic and stroke rehabilitation spaces. These devices are programmed for ease of use with built in help touch screens. In all cases data is transferred wirelessly to ensure patient safety.They can store and display data in real time so as to monitor the patient’s overall progress.

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