Reasons why it’s important to start walking after a stroke.

1.  Improves blood pressure when exercising and after.

It works on lowering inflammation and being fitter lowers your heart rate in turn lowering blood pressure.

2.  Improves cognition

Research has shown that exercise stimulates neuroplastic changes in the brain which helps improve cognition.

3.  When exercise involves walking it improves mobility and balance.

4.  Improves muscle strength

Using resistance training improves muscle strength which can lead to functional changes in both the upper and lower limbs.

5.  Improves functional activities

Improves functional activities such as getting out of bed and standing from a chair.

Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett


Peter designs and builds biofeedback products for gait and movement in the orthopaedic and stroke rehabilitation spaces. These devices are programmed for ease of use with built in help touch screens. In all cases data is transferred wirelessly to ensure patient safety.They can store and display data in real time so as to monitor the patient’s overall progress.

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