Designed and Made in Australia

The nCounters Force Cane provides feedback on weight distribution by using a pressure sensor embedded at the base of the Cane.

The Cane is designed to assist with gait retraining while optimizing walking function, speed and safety.

Immediate feedback encourages the patient to either increase or decrease load through the cane.

Feedback is visual and via vibration through the handle of the Cane.

The Force Cane is appropriate for neurological and orthopaedic conditions.

Force Cane Models

Standard Model: Force Cane with embedded pressure sensor, Control Unit, vibratory & visual feedback,

Deluxe Model: (Price on application). Force Cane Standard Model with hardware and software for recording and graphing of data in real time

The video below demonstrates the workings of a Force Cane.

Easy to set up

A vibration motor has been inserted inside the handle. The Control Unit has been designed to sit inside an X-Grip on the shaft of the Cane making it detachable.

Recording and graphing data

With the nCounters Force Cane (Deluxe model), data can be recorded and displayed as a graph.

Force Cane Gait Biofeedback Graph


Positive feedback is given as vibration when the weight carried through the cane is between the upper and lower limit values set on the Control Unit. Calibration of the Unit can be done using a set of scales.

A red LED on the Control Unit lights up when weight carried through the cane is in the target range.

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