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nCounters is a Melbourne based Australian company that develops, designs and manufactures innovative electronic rehabilitation products.

Gait Biofeedback – The Force Cane

Gait Biofeedback – Force Cane

  • Designed to optimise walking function, speed and safety
  • Assists with gait retraining by providing feedback using a pressure sensor embedded in the cane


Essential Seating Feedback - provides audio and visual feedback on seated weight shift and posture

Seating Biofeedback

For immediate audio visual feedback on seating posture and seated weight shift.

Joint Slider Angle Biofeedback for knee

Joint Angle Biofeedback

Immediate audio and visual feedback on knee, hip and elbow joint movement

Force Cane

How useful can an intelligent cane be?

Assists with gait retraining by providing feedback using a pressure sensor embedded in the cane.

Portable wireless device for audio/visual biofeedback on weight bearing.

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Our latest products are the next generation in gait and movement biofeedback:

  • Portable Limb Load Monitor_Touch (PLLM_Touch) provides audio and visual feedback and analysis on weight-bearing during gait.
  • Data Logger records and graphs data on weight-bearing during gait.
  • Force Cane provides vibratory feedback on weight-bearing.
  • Essential Angle Sensor provides audio and visual feedback on joint movement.
  • Essential Seating Feedback provides audio and visual feedback on seated weight shift and posture.

How we design for Biofeedback

Studies have found that:

  • it is easier to influence users/patients by addressing specific rather than general behaviours.
  • effective feedback should be actionable, demonstrating a way to fill the gap between current and desired actions.

Our designs give feedback to the user of specific behaviours so the goal is kept constantly clear to the user and medical specialist / therapist who can provide instructions for how to achieve the goal.

Technology designed for rehabilitation

  • Non-intrusiveness – The system does not disrupt the activity being monitored
  • Intuitiveness – The biofeedback system promotes individual health monitoring and interaction by encouraging the correct user input without requiring a manual
  • Sustained involvement – The interface involves and rewards improvements to keep the user involved and motivated
  • Energy efficiency – Feedback system itself is energy efficient
  • Enhances not replaces existing therapy

Studies have shown that this form of biofeedback will assist patients to reach their treatment goals in significantly less time.

Industry Associations

Managing Director Peter Barrett is a member of the following organisations:

Member of Engineers Australia
Member of IEEE
Member Altium Live